Received an AlertBus or PhotoNotice School Bus Citation?

Alterbus School Bus Citation

If you received a civil penalty citation in the mail for unlawfully passing a stopped school bus, and the letter advises that you can pay the penalty online at alertbus.com or photonotice.com, that means your municipality has enacted a school-bus Stop Arm Safety Program.   The school bus Stop Arm Program is meant to deter drivers … Continue Reading

Navigating The VA Disability Claims And Appeals Process (2021 DIY)

Veterans Administration Disability Claim

This post is a bit of first hand experience and lessons-learned about applying for and appealing a VA Disability claim during the process of helping a family member (whom we’ll call “Joe” for these purposes) through the VA Disability claims application process.  Like everything “government” the application process is a hot mess, muddled with confusing … Continue Reading

How To Make And Use Oven “Sun-Dried” Tomatoes

Sun Dried Oven Tomatoes Sliced Baking

So many of us are trying to think of ways to use all those excess tomatoes once they all begin ripening, that it just makes sense to dry them.  That way, there’s a bit of home grown tomato flavor to last throughout the winter.  It’s crazy to think that a package of sun dried tomatoes … Continue Reading

Repair Large Holes Or Tears In Insulated Ductwork

Hvac Duct Repair Hole

3 DIY options to repair large holes or tears in your insulated flexible ductwork. Zip Tie Damaged Ductwork Fix This budget-friendly repair makes quick work of large hole or tear repairs in your ductwork, and works best if there is enough slack in the ductwork to allow losing a few inches in length.  If the … Continue Reading

DIY Infinity Circle Or Hoop Trellis For Indoor Potted Plants

Diy Infinity Circle Trellis For Potted Plants

An infinity hoop or circle trellis is an elegant solution to attractively display your indoor climbing or vining potted houseplants and tame those long, trailing vines into a manageable shape. Benefits Of A Circle Trellis Because the vines continually loop back to the soil, additional rooting points can be established, resulting in a healthier plant.  … Continue Reading

DIY How To Make Your Own Carpet Stair Treads

Diy Stair Carpet Remnant Treads

Using either carpet remnants or inexpensive floor mats is an economical way to make your own carpet stair treads.  Here are two examples of how to make your own carpet stair treads, using either a piece of carpet remnant or inexpensive purchased carpet mats. If you don’t have carpet remnants and can’t find inexpensive carpet … Continue Reading

How To Repair A Cookie Press

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra

We make a lot of spritz cookies for holidays and other family events.  So much that we have 3 cookie presses.  One is a Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra (model 2104-4010) and two of the older, white Wilton all-plastic cookie presses. The plastic ones work great, especially when the cookie dough is at room temperature.  But … Continue Reading

How To Remove FRP Lock On Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 9

Samsung Frp Lock Screen

If you’ve reached this page, you are likely locked out of your phone and have realized that trying to do a factory reset doesn’t work because the phone keeps asking you for the Google email account that is locked to the phone (and you obviously don’t have access to that information). This is because the … Continue Reading

13+ Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

Don’t let something like the weather, or a quarantine, prevent you from exploring a new hobby, helping others in a small way, or just taking care of a few small tasks. If you find yourself stuck at home and are looking for something interesting or productive to do, here are a few suggestions to get … Continue Reading

Delivery message Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item

Usps Tracking Status

You’ve ordered something online from a retailer, or maybe off of eBay, and in checking the USPS shipping status you see a delivery message stating “Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item”. What This Means This means that your item was initially taken to or picked up by a third party shipping carrier, who will … Continue Reading