Epoxy Over Tile Kitchen Countertops – Before And After

Epoxy Tile Countertops

We epoxied our tiled kitchen countertops and the wood mullion face trim about 4 months ago.  Our only regret is that we didn’t do it years earlier.  The countertops are better than we had hoped for and are a 100% improvement over our old, chipped/broken tiles with their crumbly, dirty grout lines.  The best part … Continue Reading

Caring For And Propagating Frosty Fern

Frosty Fern Care Tips

To successfully grow a frosty fern (AKA Selaginella kraussiana ‘Variegata’) you have to provide a similar environment to how it grows in its natural habitat.  It needs moist, well-drained soil, deep shade, temperatures between 68 to 84 degrees, and 77 to 88 percent humidity (please, no misting!).  Most of these requirement make for a recipe … Continue Reading

DIY Portable Indoor Greenhouse And Tips

Diy Indoor Portable Greenhouse

If you are starting seeds before the spring or wanting to protect plants over the winter and don’t have a greenhouse, a portable indoor greenhouse is a great alternative. Buy Or DIY? In terms of price, the main comparison is the lower cost of a pre-made portable greenhouse (without casters) versus the items you would … Continue Reading

Boat Manufacturer Identification Code Lookup – MIC

Mic Old Boat

Use this free tool to look up the Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC) to find the name of a recreational boat, canoe, kayak, or jet ski’s manufacturer. The first 3 characters of a boat’s Hull Identification Number (HIN) represent the manufacturer’s code. MIC codes are issued by the United States Coast Guard.  There are over 16,000 … Continue Reading

USPS Tracking Status Scan Code Events List

Usps Tracking

This page provides a list of the standard USPS Product Tracking & Reporting (PTR) scan status events as packages are processed through their system. If you are trying to get an idea of where a package is after checking its status on the USPS website, you can get more information by visiting our USPS Tracking – … Continue Reading

USPS Tracking – Where Is My Package?

Usps Tracking

How Does The USPS Tracking System Work? USPS packages are tracked by number.  Tracking numbers are automatically assigned when a shipping label is created.  The barcode on the shipping label is scanned to track the package as it moves through the USPS system and up to the final delivery (or attempted delivery). Automated Processing Equipment … Continue Reading

How To Remove Stubborn Sticky Label Residue From Plastic

Removing Adhesive Glue From Plastic

This solution came about as we were trying to get label residue off of empty spice bottles for this project.  We first removed as much of the paper or plastic labels has possible, then soaked the bottles in hot soapy water for a few hours, and most of the remaining label adhesive glue residue came … Continue Reading

35+ Uses For Twist Ties

Twist Tie Uses

First things first…if you are going to reuse twist ties to help contain items or organize things in your home, the very first thing you should organize is your collection of twist ties.  It doesn’t make sense to have a jumbled mass of twist ties shifting around the bottom of your junk drawer if the … Continue Reading

Unique And Practical Ways To Re-Purpose Spice Bottles

Decorating Empty Spice Jar Containers

We don’t like clutter (who does), and in the past would normally throw out empty spice containers.  But while we were planning for a recent camping trip we were trying to come up with storage solutions for several scenarios.   If you are not camping in a big RV, space is always at a premium.   More … Continue Reading