How To Repair A Pop-Up Camper’s Roof Side Wall Boards

Popup Camper Side Wall Board Repair

  Before You Do Anything! Take a lot of photos and measurements. Take photos of the interior to capture how everything is attached to the side board. Measure the distance of the support poles and bolts from both the ceiling and from the corner of the roof. Measure the locations of the exterior support bolts … Continue Reading

How To Repair Pop Up Camper Corner Caps

Repair Pop Up Camper Corners

During our Jayco pop-camper restoration, we needed to repair the 4 corner caps on the body of the camper.  These caps protect the corners when the camper’s roof is in a fully closed position.  The caps overlap the trim, and they cover/protect the inner wall which would otherwise be exposed. Our caps were dry rotted … Continue Reading

Refinishing RV Camper Countertops And Table With Epoxy

Refinish Camper Countertops Tables

The pop-up camper that we were remodeling had the typical laminate countertops.  Ours were in a sandstone finish, which would not work with the white and gray interior we were hoping for.  In addition to that, the small cabinet beside the front door was missing its countertop. We had thought about painting and then sealing … Continue Reading

How do you fix a ripped mesh screen on a pop up camper?

Repairing Camper Screens Done

Here’s another project we completed on our pop-up camper repair/remodel.  We had temporarily used tape to hold the torn screen sections; but it wasn’t attractive and was definitely not the look we were going for. After thoroughly cleaning the canvas, we found that this section of screen (that sat under the damaged roof when closed) … Continue Reading

DIY Sew-In RV Camper Curtain Tabs

Diy Camper Curtain Tabs

If you have a pop-up camper and are repairing or replacing your curtains, you will probably need new tabs.  The tabs have a special ridge that fits inside camper curtain channels.  These tabs are sewn directly into the curtains and slide into channels inside the camper, allowing them to be pulled open or closed. The … Continue Reading

Camping Hacks – Campfire Cooking

Campfire Utensil Rack

One of the highlights of camping is cooking all our meals on the firepit, rain or shine.   Over time, we’ve figured out what we need to bring to make cooking three meals a day on a firepit as feasible as possible while still traveling light and on a budget. Here are some of the solutions … Continue Reading

Sweet Campfire Cornbread Recipe

Campfire Cornbread Recipe

Not going to write up a big narrative about this recipe, other than to say it is our go-to recipe for moist, sweet cornbread when we go camping.  This year we made it to go along with a smoked turkey for “Campsgiving”, but we normally make it to accompany the chili dinner we always make … Continue Reading

Pop Up Camper Makeover – DIY Curtain Tab Type C Options

Camper Curtain Tab Type C

If you are remodeling your camper and are ready to update or replace the original curtains, you will need to decide how you will secure your new curtains to the camper’s C channel curtain track.  You can either reuse the original tabs or make your own replacement tabs. Reuse The Original Tabs If you still … Continue Reading

Camper Roof Repair – Before, During, And After

Camper Roof Demolition

A little background info on our 19 foot 2005 camper.  We purchased it from its second owner; he had paid an RV dealership $3000 to repair a neglected roof leak and make interior wall repairs. However, the roof still leaked and the walls were damaged again.  As it turns out, the dealership only patched the … Continue Reading

Applying Rubber Roof Coating To Your Camper

Rubber Sealant Applied To Camper Roof Finished

The protective sealant on a rubber roof will degrade over time, and begin to get chalky when cleaned.  This is a clear sign that you should apply a coat of rubber roof coating  to protect the rubber and extend the life of your camper’s roof. After applying a the rubber roof coating, your camper’s roof … Continue Reading