How To Pleat Dollhouse Miniature Curtains By Hand

Dollhouse Miniature Hand Pleat

If you want to pleat curtains for your dollhouse windows and don’t want to make a pleater board, you can get similar results just by pleating with sewing needles.  One of the benefits of pleating by hand is that the pleats will look more natural, and you can pleat larger pieces of fabric.  The pleats … Continue Reading

Copycat Ikea Plant Ball Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Ikea Plant Ball Swedish Meatballs

This copycat recipe is based on Ikea’s vegetarian plant balls, which are used in their restaurant as a meat-alternative option for their Swedish meatballs plates.  This recipe combines the traditional ingredients of a Swedish meatball with plant-based protein options using ingredients commonly found in most grocery stores. The meatballs in this recipe are light, moist, … Continue Reading

Copycat Ikea Swedish Meatballs Using Ikea’s Own Recipes

Ikea Swedish Meatball With Cream Recipe

These recipes are the actual recipes that Ikea released to the public at the start of the 2020 Covid pandemic.  They provided the recipes when everything shut down so that customers could get their “Ikea meatball fix”. Ikea released two recipes.  One recipe was posted on Twitter and other was posted on their website.  The … Continue Reading

How To Clean And Restore Silver Plated Items

How To Clean Silverplate

After inheriting and cleaning a very large collection of heirloom silver plated items, I learned that using any shortcuts such as chemicals or acidity do more damage in the long run. The best way to clean tarnished silver If these are silver plated pieces that you want to cherish for years to come, the only … Continue Reading

How To Cleanly Cut Cork Board Sheets Without Crumbling

How To Cleanly Cut Cork Sheets

  Should You Heat Cork Before Cutting? Several online resources suggest soaking or steaming cork to make it easier to cut, especially for projects using wine corks. Heated cork expands and its elasticity becomes more uniform (it normally has elastic anisotropy properties – one directional).  This can help provide a cleaner cut and makes sense … Continue Reading

How To Remove Wax Residue From Glass

How To Remove Wx From Glass

After having cleaned 50 glass votives used at a wedding, we finally found a method that actually worked.  Once we removed the votive candles, we were left with bits of wax and grit on every glass.  Heating the glass did help a little, but there was still a waxy film residue and gritty bits of … Continue Reading

DIY Curtain Tie Backs

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs

Here is a fairly easy, inexpensive way to make graduated braided rope curtain tie backs. Curtain tie backs aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they are a necessity for outdoor curtains. In our case we needed them to prevent our curtains from flying everywhere in even the slightest breeze.  We bought inexpensive … Continue Reading

DIY Camper Awning – Portable

Diy Camper Awning

This was the final project for our pop-up camper remodel.  We wanted an awning that didn’t look “DIY” and that had support arms attached to the camper (versus poles that are staked to the ground). We used nylon webbing to make straps so the awning could be strapped to the camper roof when not in … Continue Reading

How To Mend A Tear In Ripped Bed Sheets

How Mend Ripped Bed Sheets

Not sure how it happened, but a bed sheet came out of the washer with several staggered tears. To fix these holes, the best solution seemed to be to patch them. Rather than have several, long seamed repairs I decided to try to make the patches look decorative. After deciding on a design using large … Continue Reading