How To Remove Wax Residue From Glass

How To Remove Wx From Glass

After having cleaned 50 glass votives used at a wedding, we finally found a method that actually worked.  Once we removed the votive candles, we were left with bits of wax and grit on every glass.  Heating the glass did help a little, but there was still a waxy film residue and gritty bits of … Continue Reading

DIY Curtain Tie Backs

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs

Here is a fairly easy, inexpensive way to make graduated braided rope curtain tie backs. Curtain tie backs aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they are a necessity for outdoor curtains. In our case we needed them to prevent our curtains from flying everywhere in even the slightest breeze.  We bought inexpensive … Continue Reading

DIY Camper Awning – Portable

Diy Camper Awning

This was the final project for our pop-up camper remodel.  We wanted an awning that didn’t look “DIY” and that had support arms attached to the camper (versus poles that are staked to the ground). We used nylon webbing to make straps so the awning could be strapped to the camper roof when not in … Continue Reading

How To Mend A Tear In Ripped Bed Sheets

How Mend Ripped Bed Sheets

Not sure how it happened, but a bed sheet came out of the washer with several staggered tears. To fix these holes, the best solution seemed to be to patch them. Rather than have several, long seamed repairs I decided to try to make the patches look decorative. After deciding on a design using large … Continue Reading

Epoxy Over Tile Kitchen Countertops – Before And After

Epoxy Tile Countertops

We epoxied our tiled kitchen countertops and the wood mullion face trim about 4 months ago.  Our only regret is that we didn’t do it years earlier.  The countertops are better than we had hoped for and are a 100% improvement over our old, chipped/broken tiles with their crumbly, dirty grout lines.  The best part … Continue Reading

Caring For And Propagating Frosty Fern

Frosty Fern Care Tips

To successfully grow a frosty fern (AKA Selaginella kraussiana ‘Variegata’) you have to provide a similar environment to how it grows in its natural habitat.  It needs moist, well-drained soil, deep shade, temperatures between 68 to 84 degrees, and 77 to 88 percent humidity (please, no misting!).  Most of these requirement make for a recipe … Continue Reading

DIY Portable Indoor Greenhouse And Tips

Diy Indoor Portable Greenhouse

If you are starting seeds before the spring or wanting to protect plants over the winter and don’t have a greenhouse, a portable indoor greenhouse is a great alternative. Buy Or DIY? In terms of price, the main comparison is the lower cost of a pre-made portable greenhouse (without casters) versus the items you would … Continue Reading

Boat Manufacturer Identification Code Lookup – MIC

Mic Old Boat

Use this free tool to look up the Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC) to find the name of a recreational boat, canoe, kayak, or jet ski’s manufacturer. The first 3 characters of a boat’s Hull Identification Number (HIN) represent the manufacturer’s code. MIC codes are issued by the United States Coast Guard.  There are over 16,000 … Continue Reading