150+ Ideas Must-Have Items For Your Cruise Packing List

Packing List For Cruise Checklist

If you’re wondering what to pack for a cruise, here’s a list of essential items you will want to bring along.  You also don’t want to miss some cruise-specific tips as well as what you don’t need to pack for your cruise at the very bottom of this post. While you may not necessarily need … Continue Reading

IRS Audit Technique Guides (ATG) Updated 2023

20 Reasons For Audit

IRS audit technique guides and technical guides are meant to provide guidance to auditors on specific topics.  These guides address issues specific to a profession, an industry, tax credits, and deductions. These guides are also extremely beneficial in educating taxpayers on their specific tax situations and reporting obligations.  In the event of an audit, these … Continue Reading

20+ Reasons You Could Be Audited

20 Reasons For Audit

How Your Federal Return Is Initially Examined For Potential Audit All federal income tax returns are added to what the IRS calls its Master File after they are checked for basic errors.  From there the returns are scored using the Discriminant Function System (DIF) and then processed through the Unreported Income DIF (UIDIF). The IRS’s … Continue Reading

How To Write Product Reviews With Examples


If you review products on a routine basis you’ll find that writing quality product reviews is harder than it seems. You are typically being asked to provide honest product-specific feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) that a purchaser might not otherwise have known about prior to making a purchasing decision. If you’re just going to give … Continue Reading

Vine Participation Tax Considerations

Amazon Vine

Disclaimer: the following information is purely “food for thought” and should not be construed as tax advice. Everyone’s tax situation is different. Please consult a tax professional for guidance for your specific situation. Amazon Vine is a program in which participants have access to promotional products at no cost. The total value of the Vine … Continue Reading

About Amazon Vine With Tips & How To Get Invited

Amazon Vine

What Is Amazon Vine? Amazon Vine is a program in which actual Amazon customers who have been identified by Amazon as having previously submitted high-quality reviews on their purchases are invited to provide unbiased reviews about products made available to them at no cost (for free). Per Amazon, the Vine Voices Program offers select customers … Continue Reading

How To Pleat Dollhouse Miniature Curtains By Hand

Dollhouse Miniature Hand Pleat

If you want to pleat curtains for your dollhouse windows and don’t want to make a pleater board, you can get similar results just by pleating with sewing needles.  One of the benefits of pleating by hand is that the pleats will look more natural, and you can pleat larger pieces of fabric.  The pleats … Continue Reading

Copycat Ikea Plant Ball Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Ikea Plant Ball Swedish Meatballs

This copycat recipe is based on Ikea’s vegetarian plant balls, which are used in their restaurant as a meat-alternative option for their Swedish meatballs plates.  This recipe combines the traditional ingredients of a Swedish meatball with plant-based protein options using ingredients commonly found in most grocery stores. The meatballs in this recipe are light, moist, … Continue Reading

Copycat Ikea Swedish Meatballs Using Ikea’s Own Recipes

Ikea Swedish Meatball With Cream Recipe

These recipes are the actual recipes that Ikea released to the public at the start of the 2020 Covid pandemic.  They provided the recipes when everything shut down so that customers could get their “Ikea meatball fix”. Ikea released two recipes.  One recipe was posted on Twitter and other was posted on their website.  The … Continue Reading

How To Clean And Restore Silver Plated Items

How To Clean Silverplate

After inheriting and cleaning a very large collection of heirloom silver plated items, I learned that using any shortcuts such as chemicals or acidity do more damage in the long run. The best way to clean tarnished silver If these are silver plated pieces that you want to cherish for years to come, the only … Continue Reading