DIY Curtain Tie Backs

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs

Here is a fairly easy, inexpensive way to make graduated braided rope curtain tie backs.

Curtain tie backs aren’t as popular as they used to be, but they are a necessity for outdoor curtains.

In our case we needed them to prevent our curtains from flying everywhere in even the slightest breeze.  We bought inexpensive curtain panels from IKEA to use as mosquito netting that are hung up around our deck.   I wanted to be able to tie the curtains up when not in use and needed tie backs that could hold up to the outdoors.  We had extra clothes line rope left over from our water-wicking plant project and the rope worked out perfectly for use as tie backs.

Both step-by-step instructions as well as a photo tutorial are provided below.

Supplies Needed

DIY  Braided Curtain Tie Backs Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Make a paper template cut out of the shape and size you need for your tie backs.
  2. Trace your template onto a sheet of paper.
  3. Cut six strands of rope 2 1/2 times longer than the length of your tie backs.
  4. Secure one end together using a rubber band.
  5. Use a large binder clip to clamp onto the end of rope, then tape the clip onto your working surface to hold the rope in place.
  6. Begin braiding your tie back using two strands of rope in each pass.
  7. Follow your template as you braid.  Tighten the braid in the beginning and gradually loosen the braid as you progress.
  8. Keep the rope segments flattened and prevent them from rolling onto one another.

Curtain Tie Backs Picture Tutorial

Create a template that you can use as a guide for braiding your tie backs.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Template

Cut 6 sections of rope to approximately 2.5 times the length you will need for your finished tie back.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Supplies

Rubber band one end of the six strands of rope together.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Ropes

Place a large binder clip over the rubber banded end of the rope and tape the clip to secure it in place.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Clip

Begin braiding your tie back, using 2 sections of rope for each pass.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Begin

Use your template as a guide on how tight or how loose your braids should be.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Graduated

When you come to the end of your template, hot glue the ends together and snip off the excess rope.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Cut

Take a section of rope, hot glue one end onto the end of your tie back, create a loop and hot glue it into place.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Loop


Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Wrap

Use the excess rope from your loop to spiral around the tie back to hide the cut ends.  Glue into place and trim off the excess.  Repeat for the other end and you are finished.

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs End

The tie backs prevent our outdoor curtains from blowing all over the place.  To secure the tie backs to our posts, we just put in regular wood screws so that they stuck out about 1/4″ to accommodate the tie back loops.  We hid the screw heads with little rope rosettes (just rope and hot glue).

Diy Braided Curtain Tie Backs Tall

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