How To Pleat Dollhouse Miniature Curtains By Hand

Dollhouse Miniature Hand Pleat

If you want to pleat curtains for your dollhouse windows and don’t want to make a pleater board, you can get similar results just by pleating with sewing needles.  One of the benefits of pleating by hand is that the pleats will look more natural, and you can pleat larger pieces of fabric.  The pleats won’t be as uniform as they would when using a pleater board.

Dollhouse Miniature Diy Pleated Curtain

How To Pleat Dollhouse Miniature Curtains

Supplies needed:  sewing pins, bamboo skewers, and cork board.

  1. You should start by stiffening your fabric to the stiffness you prefer and then hem your fabric.
  2. Lightly mist your fabric to loosen the stiffening agent.
  3. Pin one side of your curtain to the cork board and slide a bamboo skewer underneath the fabric, up to the pins.
  4. Pin the other side of the bamboo skew to position the first pleat.
  5. Repeat with another bamboo skewer until the fabric is fully pleated.
  6. Allow the fabric to fully dry, then apply a light mist of hairspray to set the pleats.

Dollhouse Miniature Diy Curtain Pleat



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