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Decorating Empty Spice Jar Containers

Decorating Empty Spice Jar Containers

If you are upcycling empty spice jar bottles and looking for a little inspiration, here are a few designs that might help inspire you.  This is a continuation of the Unique And Practical Ways To Re-Purpose Spice Bottles post, and provides a little more detail on the ways various bottles were decorated. Acrylic paint was … Continue Reading

How To Remove Stubborn Sticky Label Residue From Plastic

Removing Adhesive Glue From Plastic

This solution came about as we were trying to get label residue off of empty spice bottles for this project.  We first removed as much of the paper or plastic labels has possible, then soaked the bottles in hot soapy water for a few hours, and most of the remaining label adhesive glue residue came … Continue Reading

35+ Uses For Twist Ties

Twist Tie Uses

First things first…if you are going to reuse twist ties to help contain items or organize things in your home, the very first thing you should organize is your collection of twist ties.  It doesn’t make sense to have a jumbled mass of twist ties shifting around the bottom of your junk drawer if the … Continue Reading

Unique And Practical Ways To Re-Purpose Spice Bottles

Decorating Empty Spice Jar Containers

We don’t like clutter (who does), and in the past would normally throw out empty spice containers.  But while we were planning for a recent camping trip we were trying to come up with storage solutions for several scenarios.   If you are not camping in a big RV, space is always at a premium.   More … Continue Reading

Starting Seeds – Sprouting and Transplant Made Easy

Sprouting Seeds Cottonball Roots

The Problem I’ve tried virtually all the seed sprouting tricks posted on Pinterest and elsewhere on the internet. I sprout a lot of seeds, so I wanted to find a quick and efficient process. Since I harvest most of my own seeds, not all of them sprout. I don’t want to start them in soil … Continue Reading

DIY Patio Tables

Img 0013

A round of storms took our umbrellas, as well as the glass patio tables they were insterted into, and created a shattered, mangled mess. In all honesty, the old glass and metal tables should have made their way to the curb many years prior. But I knew I wanted to replace them with wooden tables … Continue Reading

Painted Daisy Dresser

Img 0042

Again, thanks Pinterest! All the imaginative things people were doing to dressers on Pinterest forced us to revisit an outdated nightstand from the 80’s. It was too contemporary for our house andtoo small to be practical for regular use. We added some feet to give it a little more height, painted on some daisies and … Continue Reading

A Respectable Gate

The elegant gates that were featured on Pinterest really put the sad gate leading to our animal pens to shame. Our’s was ordinary and lacked any flair. Using reclaimed wood from a fence, we immediately disassembled our old gate and set out to attempt to make something slightly resembling a few of our favorite featured … Continue Reading

I Did Not Know We Needed Fairy Doors

Img 0231

I didn’t know we needed fairy doors. But after they started popping up all over Pinterest I came to understand our yard would be incomplete without them. Making them was fairly straightforward. We ordered some Sculpey, sculpted,baked and paintedour doors, and then chose appropriate trees to position them. We did have to relocate our doors … Continue Reading