Replacing A Door With A Window

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When we converted our mud room into a proper pantry, we no longer needed the exterior door but still wanted the light it provided. So we removed the door and installed a window.

But thatleft a new problem. Our house’s exterior was wrapped in 15 year old vinyl siding and now there was a2 foot by 3 foot area with no siding underneath the exterior of the new window.

We onlyhad a few options. Custom order some replacement siding for the small area and “live with” the obvious difference in finish and color of the newer sections (that was a “no”). Re-side the entire house with new siding (also a huge “no”). Or find a different solution (no other option left).

So, we completely weatherproofed and closed up the open raw area under the new window. We then installed 3 window boxes. The intention was to use them for herbs so that we didn’t have to make the long walk to the garden every night to pick herbs for dinner, but for now they are flower boxes. If we use them for flowers again next year, we’ll remember to put shade-loving plants in the bottom two boxes.

It’s probably not your standard approach when switching out a door for a window, but hopefully it’s not obvious that we were trying to fill a gap; if we did it right it shouldjust look like wefound a creative way to add moreflowersto the deck.

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