Here are a few variations of Do It Yourself pasta drying racks. The goal of each of these racks is to use as little space as possible, and requiring as little setup time as possible prior to use. Hopefully resulting in one less gadget that needs to be assembled/disassembled and one less thing taking up valuable storage space when not in use.

Slide Out Cabinet Pasta Rack

This variation uses a full extension drawer glide. This is a nice option if you have a cabinet with a lot of overhead space inside, allowing the dowel rods enough space when the drawer glide is pushed to a closed position. The length of the drawer glide is dependent on the depth of your cabinet. Wooden dowels (3/8″ DX 16″ L) are permanently attached to a 1″x 2″ section of wood. The length of the 1″x 2″ is equal to the lenth of the glides drawer bracket. The wood is then screwed onto the drawer bracket. Once the cabinet bracket is installed within the cabinet, the drawer bracket is reattached, completing the installation.

In theory, you could accomplish the same thing without the drawer glide if you attached the wood base at the highest point on your cabinet door.

Swivel Cabinet Door Pasta Rack

A swivel rack allows for the rack to be neatly stored away on the inside of the cabinet door when not in use. Because each rod moves separately, a few or all of the rods can be flipped out as needed. The rods can also be staggered so that the pasta isn’t touching as it dries.

(2) 3/4 inch corner braces
(1) 1/4 in by 8 in threaded rod
(2) 1/4 push nut bolt retainer or ball cap nuts
(6) 1/4 in spacers (these can be nuts or wooden beads)
3/8 in by 4 ft wooden dowel rod

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