This is definitely one of the quickest and easiest DIY projects we’ve done that provided almost instant gratification. We now no longer have to fumble through a drawer filled with knives looking for a tiny paring knife. Each knife stays in its assigned spot and there’s no more risk of accidentally getting cut.

After measuring off the interior width of the drawer (13 inches in our case), we marked the width onto a piece of 2″x6″ non-pressure treated wood that was wider than needed (so that we’d have some extra wood to work with as we made our cuts). We then placed a mark every 3/4″ to define where our knife slot cuts should be made. We set our table saw blade so that it was 1/4 inch shorter than the depth of the wood (1 1/4″). We then ran our wood through the table saw at each mark. A radial arm saw would have been easier for making the cuts. Once the final cut was made, we cut off the excess end of wood. The block was given a quick sanding to knock down any rough edges and then it was installed roughly 1/4 of the way from the back of the drawer, with 2 screws up through the bottom of the drawer into the block to hold it in place.

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