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Use this free tool to look up the Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC) to find the name of a recreational boat, canoe, kayak, or jet ski’s manufacturer. The first 3 characters of a boat’s Hull Identification Number (HIN) represent the manufacturer’s code. MIC codes are issued by the United States Coast Guard.  There are over 16,000 MIC codes (so please give this page time to load).

HIN Background

In 1972, the USCG began requiring boat manufacturers and importers to affix identification numbers to the hull of all recreational boats. The structure of the HIN has changed over time, but it has always required that the first three characters consist of the MIC code. Up until the mid-1990’s, some MIC codes might also have contained numbers; however all MIC now only consist of alphabetical characters.

HINs serve several purposes.  States use the HIN for titling and registration.  The USCG uses it for tracking boat recalls and inspection reports.  Law enforcement uses it to identify lost or stolen property.

A recreational boat’s HIN is typically 12 characters in length.  The first 3 characters represent the boat’s manufacturer.  The next 5 characters are either the boat’s production number or serial number.  The following two characters indicate when the boat was built (a letter signifies the month built and a single number signifies the year built), and the last two numbers represent the year this model bought was made available for sale.

Where Can You Find The HIN?

On boats, you can find the HIN on the transom as well as an unexposed area on the interior of the boat.   For jet skis, the HIN is usually located on top of the rear platform.  On canoes and kayaks, the HIN is usually found on the starboard side of the stern (the front right side of the hull).

The HIN can be a metal plate, embossed or molded into the body of the boat, or engraved or carved.

How Is The Boat’s Manufacturer’s Code Useful?

Identifying the manufacturer of a boat can be really useful especially if you are buying or repairing a used boat.  Knowing the manufacturer’s name can be helpful in doing research, such as whether other owner’s have noted problems common to the manufacturer. You can track down owner’s manuals that usually also contain a parts diagram, and get the correct part number.

How To Search This List

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Use the search box below to enter the three character MIC code, a manufacturer’s name, city or state.

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