I discovered Bar Keepers Friend after looking for a way to remove yellowing from the bottom of a used boat we bought. The marine forums suggested using muratic acid (which made me nervous) and another suggested using oxalic acid, which is the active ingredient in Bar Keepers Friend. Since that discovery years ago, Bar Keepers Friend has become my go-to for cleaning, especially for projects that used to require a lot of elbow grease.

In addition to the usual precautions (don’t get it in your eyes, don’t eat it, etc), I also test a small area of the intended project before using it. I’ve learned I don’t have to rush to remove it off a metal or stainless steel surface, but limit it to a few minutes on plastic surfaces.

When I use it on a particularly dirty project, I apply a thick, wet paste. But after an initial cleaning, I only need a light coating to keep something looking like new.   A little goes a long way.

Remove the grease from underneath a cooking pan or skillet

Remove scum from shower doors

Make stainless steel sinks sparkle

Clean the bottom of a boat

Remove brake dust buildup from alloy car rims

Clean gardening tools

Clean glass cooktop stoves (and drip pans)

Make your stainless steel grill look like new

Remove food residue from inside pans

Remove residue from oven and grill grates

Make your tubs shine again

Remove rust stains

Erase utensil marks from plates

Whiten the rubber on tennis shoes

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