The problem?  Our dining room is at the center of the house, has a single window that faces north, and gets very little sunlight. The solution?  We hung a mirror to reflect light and... Read More
Installed dev version of Manual Crop until stable version is released Read More
When we converted our mud room into a proper pantry, we no longer needed the exterior door but still wanted the light it provided.  So we removed the door and installed a window.But that ... Read More
Again, thanks Pinterest!All the imaginative things people were doing to dressers on Pinterest forced us to revisit an outdated nightstand from the 80's.  It was too contemporary for our house... Read More
One of our favorite summertime sounds has always been the chorus of frogs at the pond.  We've gone to great lengths to make it a great place for frogs, and have always been rewarded for our... Read More
What used to be a children's swing set and slide has become a swinging bench as well as a grape vine support. Read More
We've always stacked all our shovels, rakes, etc in a big pile in a corner.  It was a huge pain to move all the tools that were in the front out of the way just to get to the one garden hoe... Read More
The elegant gates that were featured on Pinterest really put the sad gate leading to our animal pens to shame.  Our's was ordinary and lacked any flair. Using reclaimed... Read More
I didn't know we needed fairy doors.  But after they started popping up all over Pinterest I came to understand our yard would be incomplete without them.  Making them was fairly... Read More