The base of the support arms of the window rock guard on the front of our travel trailer had worn through the aluminum siding and water was getting inside.  The damage was roughly 1 inch... Read More
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Preparing for a camping trip is a lot easier with a pre-planned menu.  The only food item we make in advance are usually Egg Salad Wraps, because check-in at most camping sites isn't until after... Read More
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Hurricane disaster kit guide A few new preparation suggestions have been added 9/2018 Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best Living in the Mid Atlantic means we've had more than our share of hurricane encounters.  ... Read More
Homemade DIY Garden Plant Markers This project started because all the cute hanging plant markers we made last year for the garden using polymer clay are now brittle and crumbling apart even though we painted and sealed them.... Read More
If you have leftover slats after adjusting the length of your faux wood blinds, or you are replacing existing blinds, hang onto those slats because you'll find they have a lot of uses for projects... Read More
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