35+ Uses For Twist Ties

Twist Tie Uses

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First things first…if you are going to reuse twist ties to help contain items or organize things in your home, the very first thing you should organize is your collection of twist ties.  It doesn’t make sense to have a jumbled mass of twist ties shifting around the bottom of your junk drawer if the whole purpose of hanging onto them is for organizing other things.

Why not store them in an empty spice bottle?  Or maybe a zip lock bag?  Anything to keep them under control.

Spice Jar Twist Tie Organizer

Whether you get them of your bread and baked goods bags, off new appliance cords, or you just never used the 50 twist ties that are in the bottom of the trash bag box, you should hang on to them (or at least a few of them).   We hang onto twist ties because they are useful for so many practical purposes.

Secure plant stalks to support stakes

For hardwood stems, it’s fine to just twist the ends of the tie together.  For seedlings or other tender stalks, wrap the twist tie around a pencil to create a spiral coil that is less likely to cut into the delicate stem.  Use the plastic twist ties because the paper ones will deteriorate quickly outdoors.

Kitchen Drawer Utensil Organizer

Contain loose skewers, chopsticks, measuring spoons and cups.

End Of Tape Guide

If you don’t have a handy tape dispenser and you are trying to work with shipping tape or duct tape, stick a twist tie loop under the end of the tape before setting it down.  The next time you reach for the tape, you won’t have to spend minutes trying to find the starting section of tape.  Just lift and remove the twist tie loop and you’re ready to continue taping.

Attach vines to a trellis

Some twist ties have a softer plastic coating which work well for securing vines or roses to a trellis.

In-a-pinch christmas ornament hanger

The green ones only, of course.  Unless you’re tree is white…

Hanging plant label markers on trees or shrubs

Use a twist tie to secure markers to tree or shrub branches.

Hang christmas lights on trees or bushes

Twist ties come in handy for securing the lights while you’re up on a ladder.

Computer cord organizer

Tame the cords under your desk by twisting them together with ties.

Bundle up excess lamp cords

You might not need all 6 feet of electrical cord and the excess is a little unsightly.

Close Chip Bags

why don’t them come with a zip lock?

Bind together loose leaf paper

Isn’t that what those 3 holes are for anyway?

DIY notepad

Don’t have a notepad handy in your kitchen?  Just punch two holes in some loose paper and bind the papers together with a twist tie.

Organize your washers

Those loose rubber washers for the garden hose always seem to go missing.  Combine them with a twist tie and hang them somewhere obvious in your garage.

Secure Embroidery Floss

Once that small strip of paper comes off the floss, it usually turns into a mangled mess.

Repair Garden Netting

Trying to keep birds off your berries or herons out of your koi pond but the netting is torn?  Just fashion together some black twist ties to repair the hole.

Contain Other Twist Ties

If you aren’t storing the twist ties in a container, you can use one of the larger twist ties and wrap it around the others to keep them neatly together.

Replacement Wick For Candles

Of course, only the paper twist ties work here.

Rubber Band Ring

Round up all the rubber bands in your junk drawer and use a twist tie to bind them together.

DIY Face Mask Wire Bridge

If you’re making your own face mask, you can use a twist tie for the nose bridge so that the mask will conform its shape.

Last Minute Bra Strap Converter

For those racerback t-shirts and dresses where a pink bra strap would look out of place.

Hang Wreaths Or Garland

Feed a twist tie around the back supports or a branch and close it into a circle to facilitate hanging.

Stubborn Or Broken Zipper Pulls

Tiny needle nose pliers work best for this issue but not everyone has those lying around.

Attach Labels To Wicker Baskets

The ties easily slide through the wicker and are twisted together.

Temporary Child Proofing Cabinet Doors

Combine a few twist ties and secure them across two cabinet door handles.  A heavy duty rubber band would work better, which you probably also have in a drawer somewhere.

DIY Ribbon Bow Wire

If you are making your own gift bow, secure the center of the loops with a tie.

Emergency Button Repair

If you don’t have a needle and string handy, just push the twist tie through the button holes and then feed the ends through the fabric hole.

Wrapping Floral Lapel Boutonnieres

Why buy craft wire when a twist tie will do.  It will help keep the tiny bouquet secure until it’s covered with ribbon.

Herb Dryer

Bundle up your fresh herbs and hang them using twist ties

Gift Bag Gift Tag Hangers

Twist it around the bag’s rope handles and you’re done!

Add Stems To Tiny Artificial Flowers

Use a dab of tacky glue or hot glue to position the flowers on the twist tie.

Create Unique Gift Bag Ties

Cut two narrow pieces of fabric or paper and glue the twist tie in between them.   Add leaf, heart or butterfly wings to the ends and twist around the gift bag.

Use As Armature Wire For Small Modeling Projects

For figurines that are only a few inches tall or long, twist ties can be used to help define arms and legs before adding your modeling dough.

Gather The Ends Of Party Streamers

This makes it so much easier for draping streamers if you don’t happen to have a stapler handy.  Just taping the streamers always seems to fail.

Secure Flowers And Ornaments To Wreaths

Twist ties are just the right length to twist a stem around a branch.

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