How To Mend A Tear In Ripped Bed Sheets

How Mend Ripped Bed Sheets

Not sure how it happened, but a bed sheet came out of the washer with several staggered tears. To fix these holes, the best solution seemed to be to patch them. Rather than have several, long seamed repairs I decided to try to make the patches look decorative.

Holes Rips In Bed Sheets

After deciding on a design using large circle patches, I used a large coffee cup to draw circles on another torn bed sheet.

Honestly, any design would have worked but circles are just easier to sew.  Squares, triangles, stars and other shapes would have made nice patches.

Make Patches For Bed Sheet Repair

The patches were cut and lined up over the tears in the bed sheet.

Patching Torn Bed Sheets

I used Fabric Fusion to secure the patches onto the torn bed sheet.  That prevented the patches from moving about during sewing.

Attaching Patches To Ripped Bed Sheets

A tight zig zag stitch was used to permanently affix the patches to the bed sheet.

Sewing Patches Onto Torn Bed Sheets

Sewing Patches Onto Torn Bed Sheets

Here’s how they looked on the back.  The tears are still visible on the reverse side.

Patch Backs Torn Bed Sheets

I cut out the excess fabric on the back of the patches inside the stitching.

Trimmed Bed Sheet Patch

Trimmed Bed Sheet Patch

Here’s the finished project.  Not perfect but also not horrible (if you don’t count my stitching ability).

Patched Bed Sheet Rips

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