DIY Camper Rubber Roof Cleaner Recipe

Rubber Sealant Applied To Camper Roof Finished

If you’re thinking about washing your camper’s rubber roof and are wondering what to use, you probably already know that there are plenty of great camper roof cleaners out there that you can buy. Check reviews to find one that meets your needs. But if you’re in a hurry or prefer a homemade option, you … Continue Reading

Removing And Applying New Lap Sealant

Camper Lap Sealant Repair 8

If (like me) you are the type of person who applies caulk with the goal of getting professional-looking, smooth joints, then the application and appearance of lap sealant on a camper roof will throw you for a loop.Lap sealant looks more like someone was trying to put icing on a cupcake. Huge blobs of caulk … Continue Reading

Our Favorite Camping Hacks

Favorite Camping Hacks

Here is a listing of some of our favorite camping hacks that we routinely use. 15 Minute Fire Starter Make your own fire starter that will last for 15 minutes with ingredients you probably already have on hand and without having to make or prep anything in advance. All you need is a cotton makeup … Continue Reading

5 Day Camping Menu

5 Day Camping Menu

Preparing for a camping trip is a lot easier with a pre-planned menu. The only food item we make in advance are usually Egg Salad Wraps, because check-in at most camping sites isn’t until after 12pm. By the time we’re all set up, it’s nice to not have to cook right away. Having the wraps … Continue Reading

Repairing Damaged Aluminum On A Travel Trailer RV Camper

Camper Aluminum Repair

The base of the support arms of the window rock guard on the front of our travel trailer had worn through the aluminum siding and water was getting inside. The damage was roughly 1 inch high by 2 inches wide. Three options that were considered were: Replace the aluminum panel (approximately 8.5 feet long) Cover … Continue Reading