DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Vertical Container Garden With Printable Template

Recycled Soda Bottles Garden Assembled Bling

Vertical gardens combine so many great elements together.   These container gardens incorporate recycling, water conservation, weed reduction, and creativity while taking up a small fraction of space.  You can hang a vertical garden indoors near a sunny window, on a small balcony or terrace, or as decorative features in the backyard.  Hang these vertical gardens … Continue Reading

12 Really Unusual Things Used To Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms Growing On Barbie

  Toilet Paper This photo was submitted to the North American Mycological Association by Ron Spinosa showing oyster mushrooms growing inside a milk carton using kitty litter as a substrate. Milk Carton This photo was submitted to the North American Mycological Association by Milton Tam showing oyster mushrooms growing inside a milk carton using kitty … Continue Reading

10 DIY Outdoor Self Watering Irrigation Systems For Potted Plants And Planters

We use several different methods to keep our outdoor potted plants watered depending on where the plant is located and the size of the planter.  Making self-watering systems really cuts back on the frequency of manual waterings, and improves the amount of water delivered to each plant. No offense intended to some of the other … Continue Reading

Alternative Methods For Watering Houseplants Comparison

Alternative Plant Watering Methods

If you are looking for ways to water your houseplants while you are away on vacation, or just looking for a way to streamline watering all your container plants, there are a lot of options to choose from.  There are plenty of products you can purchase, and many DIY methods of watering plants as well.  … Continue Reading

Mushroom Growing Kit Results And Review

Oyster Mushroom Kit

Given how much we enjoy gardening, it seemed worth it to give a mushroom growing kit a try.  We love cooking with mushrooms and if we can manage to grow them in a kit, maybe there’s a chance we could start growing them regularly as a hobby for our own consumption.  The kit seemed like … Continue Reading

Plant Watering Stakes And Watering Globes Review

Watering Plants Stakes

Keeping plants in the house over the winter always ends up one of two ways in our home; they are either over watered or under watered most of the cold winter season.  We can’t ever seem to find a happy balance between indoor humidity levels, and neglect or too much attention.  After participating in a … Continue Reading

Growing Kiwi From Seed

Kiwi 0

This should fall under the”Saw a bunch of seeds inside a fruit and figured I’d try to grow some” category, because that’show this project started. After a couple of internet searches, I learned they would sprout on wet paper towels inside a ziplock bag after a month. I scraped out about 50 seeds, cleaned them … Continue Reading

How To Propogate Mona Lavender (Plectranthus)

Mona Lavender Propogation 0

Mona Lavender is said to be in the same plant family as Swedish Ivy (notice the purple undersides of the leaves?). I won’t go into how to care for it other than it likes half sun/shade and moderate watering outside, and likes to be ignored inside (I only water when almost dry). I’ve managed to … Continue Reading

Starting Seeds – Sprouting and Transplant Made Easy

Sprouting Seeds Cottonball Roots

The Problem I’ve tried virtually all the seed sprouting tricks posted on Pinterest and elsewhere on the internet. I sprout a lot of seeds, so I wanted to find a quick and efficient process. Since I harvest most of my own seeds, not all of them sprout. I don’t want to start them in soil … Continue Reading