Plastic Bottle Weed Killer Spray Shield

A quick solution to reducing over-spray when applying weed killer it to create your own spray shield using a 2 liter plastic soda bottle.  You can then target specific weeds, even on a windy day, and reduce the risk of the weed killer reaching your non-target plants.

This simple design makes it easy to attach and remove the spray guard as needed.


  1. Cut off the bottom of the soda bottle to the desired height.
  2. Use a heat gun to soften the threaded neck of the bottle and insert the sprayer nozzle so that the bottle neck conforms to the square sprayer nozzle’s shape.  Allow the bottle neck to cool and harden.Softening The Neck Of Soda Bottle For Spray GuardSquare Plastic Bottle Neck For Spray Shield Nozzle
  3. Use one or two pieces of tape to secure the sprayer handle to the bottle.
    Secure Sprayer Inside Plastic Bottle Neck
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