DIY Patio Tables

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A round of storms took our umbrellas, as well as the glass patio tables they were insterted into, and created a shattered, mangled mess. In all honesty, the old glass and metal tables should have made their way to the curb many years prior. But I knew I wanted to replace them with wooden tables I had seen online, and the price tag was enough to keep me procrastinating. Once the decision was made for me, I ended up at Pinterest (again…).

By a stroke of luck, a family member was replacing an old fence made of 1×6 and 2×4 wood and let us have the old lumber. There were a lot of DIY pallet furniture plans as well as some 2×4 furniture on Pinterest, but I really wanted something similar to the ones for sale online. You can see the end result below.

They’re pretty simple in design. I wanted the legs to be a little more interesting than just using plain 2×4 boards so I made a pattern to give them a slight curve and cut them with the jigsaw. The tables got a cleaning with the pressure washer and then they were stained using the same color as the deck (Cape Cod Gray). The wood has a lot of nail holes in it; a residual effect from once being a fence. But I think it adds to the tables’ character.

I later made some matching benches and a coffee table that can be seen here.

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