DIY Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Trellis For Indoors And Outdoors

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Supports Capped

We live in zone 7a, so our dragon fruit plant lives outside in the summer and inside during the cooler months.  We got him as a little cutting, and once he started growing past 18 inches we provided him with a one gallon pot of soil and a 5 foot section of 2×4 to climb up.  We would have preferred to use a 4×4, but because the plant is brought inside during the winter we needed a lighter option.

Once the dragon fruit had almost grown to the top of the 2×4, it was time to provide a trellis at the top so the plant could cascade over the sides and hopefully set out a bloom or two.  But again, because the plant is moved inside for the winter, the trellis needed to be somewhat compact.

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Plant

Here are some photos to give you an idea of how we designed and assembled the dragon fruit trellis.  There was no real planning other than to make use of the scraps of 2×4 lumber we had left over from a different project.  Within a month of taking the photo of our plant above, it had already grown 10 inches above the trellis.  We’ll post photos once he starts cascading over the edge.

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Supports

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Cross Supports

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Supports Assembled

Diy Dragon Fruit Trellis Supports Capped


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